Everything You Need to Know About Hunting for Hogs in Texas: Do You Need a License?


Are you planning to go hog hunting in Texas? If so, one of the most common questions that come up is whether or not you need a hunting license. The answer may surprise you.

Hog Hunting License Requirements in Texas

In general, a hunting license is required for all types of game animals and birds in Texas. However, when it comes to hogs, there are some exceptions. According to the state regulations, if you own or lease land in Texas where hogs are present and causing damage to your property or crops, then no hunting license is necessary to hunt them on your own land. However, if you plan to hunt hogs on public land or someone else’s private property without their permission or guidance, then a valid hunting license is required.

Types of Licenses Available

If you decide that getting a hog hunting license is necessary for your situation, then there are several different types available depending on how often and what type of game you plan on pursuing. These licenses include Resident Hunting Licenses (valid for one year), Non-Resident Hunting Licenses (valid for one year), Special Resident All-Water Fishing Package (valid for one year), and Combination Hunting & Fishing Packages (varying duration).

Final Thoughts

Hunting wild hogs can be an exhilarating experience but also requires careful planning and knowledge about local regulations before setting out into the field. Remember that while owning property with feral hog presence exempts hunters from possessing a valid license it does not exempt hunters from complying with other state laws such as bag limits and weapon restrictions when taking part in pig hunts outside their own properties. So always do research beforehand before embarking on any kind of outdoor adventure involving weapons!