Do You Need a License to Hunt Hogs in Texas? The Definitive Guide


Texans love their state for many reasons, one of which is the incredible hunting opportunities. Among the most popular animals that Texans hunt are hogs. However, before you head out into the wilderness with your rifle in hand, it’s important to know whether or not you need a license to hunt these creatures.

The Short Answer

Yes, you do need a hunting license to legally hunt hogs in Texas. That being said, there are different types of licenses available depending on your situation and needs. For example, if you plan on using dogs during your hog hunt or hunting at night with a light attached to your firearm, then you’ll need additional permits beyond just a basic hunting license.

Hunting License Requirements

To obtain a Texas hunting license for hog or any other type of game animal, hunters must meet certain requirements as outlined by the state government. These include being at least 17 years old (or younger if accompanied by an adult), having completed hunter education courses (with some exceptions), and passing an exam covering regulations and safety procedures.

Add-On Permits

If you want to use dogs during your hog hunt in Texas or plan on going after them at night with artificial lights attached to your gun or bow then be prepared for extra paperwork! In addition to obtaining a regular hunting license from TPWD (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department) via their website , hunters will also need separate permits for each activity they want to engage in.


Hog hunting is enjoyed by thousands each year across Texas but don’t let ignorance lead to legal trouble while pursuing this fun activity — make sure all licensing requirements are met beforehand! With proper preparation including obtaining necessary licenses and staying up-to-date on regulations governing these elusive creatures’ habitats- grab your gear and get hunting!