Do You Need Decoys for Turkey Hunting? Here’s What You Need to Know


Turkey hunting has become a popular recreational activity in recent years. With increasing numbers of hunters in the field, tactics continue to evolve and improve. One question that often arises is whether or not decoys are necessary for turkey hunting.

The Argument for Decoys

Decoys can be a useful tool for turkey hunting. They can help attract birds to your location by mimicking the appearance and behavior of other turkeys. This can give you an advantage as it allows you to lure the bird closer to you, making it easier to take a clean shot.

The Argument against Decoys

While decoys may have their benefits, they are not always necessary. Some experienced hunters believe that relying on decoys too heavily takes away from the true essence of turkey hunting – calling and scouting techniques. Additionally, some areas do not allow hunters to use decoys during certain parts of the season.


In conclusion, whether or not you need decoys for turkey hunting largely depends on personal preference and experience level. If used correctly, they can provide significant advantages but should never be relied upon solely for success in the field. Ultimately, knowing when and how to use them effectively comes down to understanding your own strengths as a hunter and what works best for your particular situation or environment.