Turkey Hunting 101: Do You Need Decoys to Bag a Big Tom?


Turkey hunting is an exciting outdoor activity that requires skill and patience. As a hunter, you need to be well-prepared for the hunt, with all the necessary gear in place. One of the most common questions among turkey hunters is whether they need decoys to improve their chances of success. In this blog post, we’ll explore this question and provide insights into using turkey decoys.

The role of decoys in turkey hunting

Decoys are lifelike replicas of turkeys that are used to attract real birds within range for a successful shot. They are designed to mimic the appearance and movement of real turkeys, including body posture, colors, feathers, and sounds. Decoys offer several benefits when used correctly during a hunt; they can increase your chances of luring birds into shooting range while providing cover for your movements.

Types of decoys available

There are different types of decoys available on the market today – some realistic-looking than others. The most common types include hen and jake/tom/boss gobbler decoys that come in different shapes and sizes depending on their purpose. Hen decoy simulates feeding or breeding behavior attracting males nearby looking for courtship opportunities while Jake/Tom/Boss Gobbler Decoy depicts dominance behavior which may lead other male birds challenging him over mating rights or going after him out rightly.

When should you use turkey decoy?

The decision about when to use turkey bait depends on several factors such as season timing (turkey breeding season differs from one geographical region to another), weather conditions (can affect bird movements), time-of-day (early morning/late evening have better chances); however it’s best determined by local regulations specific area being hunted . Nevertheless many hunters believe prey calling might work just fine without integrating any kind bait presentation, so it’s recommended to be informed of the regulations and experiment with different techniques.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, using decoys can enhance your chances of a successful turkey hunt. They play the role of attracting birds into range and providing cover for your movements. However, when used incorrectly they might spook intended prey or bring unwanted attention to nearby predators. Hence hunters should make an informed decision on whether or not to use them based on local regulations rules while observing weather conditions behavior patterns specific in their area beforehand.