Everything You Need To Know About Hunting Hogs in Texas: Do You Need a License?


Hunting hogs in Texas has become a popular pastime for many. But before embarking on this adventurous activity, it’s important to understand the legal requirements.

Understanding Hunting Licenses in Texas

In the state of Texas, hunting licenses are mandatory for anyone who intends to hunt game animals or non-game animals that are classified as fur-bearing or predatory. This includes wild hogs which have been known to cause extensive damage to crops and property.

Hunting Hogs Without a License?

It’s illegal to hunt hogs without a valid hunting license in Texas. Violators may face hefty fines and even imprisonment depending on the severity of their offense. Therefore, it is essential to obtain a proper hunting license before engaging in hog-hunting activities.

Obtaining Your Hunting License

To get your hunting license in Texas, you need first to complete an approved hunter education course successfully. Once you’ve completed the course, you can buy your hunting license from any authorized retailer such as sporting goods stores or online through TPWD’s website.

Tips for Hog Hunting Success

Apart from having your licensed ready; there are a few tips that will increase your chances of success when hunting hogs.
– Scout out areas where pigs frequent
– Set up bait stations with food attractive to pigs
– Use stealth techniques when moving towards hog sightings
By following these strategies while being fully licensed ensures successful hunts while avoiding penalties associated with unauthorized hog-hunting activities.


Hog-hunting is one of those adventures that requires adequate preparation and planning, including obtaining all legal requirements such as obtaining proper licensing from state wildlife authorities beforehand. Doing so ensures avoidance potential risks while also significantly increasing hunters’ odds of success during their expeditions into the wildernesses of stunningly beautiful Texan landscapes filled with natural treasures.