Hog Hunting Tips

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Wild hog hunting is one of the most dangerous and exciting ones of all hunting expeditions. With hogs being a large nuisance to farmers in the south, their private properties are open for hog hunting. The most fertile grounds for hog hunting are in the States of North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, California and Mississippi, in USA. Hogs, also known as ‘Feral pigs’ make for some challenging game, and hunting them down takes real courage and skill. Here are some hog hunting tips, which will at least ensure that you are the hunter, and do not become a prey!

Hogs are huge pests for farmers in the Southern United States. In Texas itself, there were reportedly 2,000,000 hogs and counting, in 2006! The national hog population was estimated to be about 4,000,000! They reportedly cause agricultural damage to the tune of US $52 million! This is ‘hogging’ the lime light, literally!

There are three different types of wild hogs in United States of America: Eurasian Wild Boar, Feral hogs and cross or hybrid ones between the two types. Feral hogs are the highest in number in United States. The hog hunting tips mentioned here refer to wild hog hunting of both these types of animals. Contrary to popular perception, wild hogs are intelligent creatures with a keen sense of smell and far ranging sight. They make for tough hunting games. Now that you know something about your quarry, let us get some tips on hog hunting.

Hog Hunting Tips and Tricks

Hunting is one of the most primitive human activities. There is something like a primordial appeal in the hunting experience. When you learn to hunt, you rediscover the survival instincts which you forget in the civilized world. In times of our caveman ancestors, life was simple. Eat or be eaten. Hunt or be hunted! Hunting is all about getting back in touch with our wild side! So let me give you some hog hunting tips and help you in going for the kill.

Know Thy Quarry

Every hunter must first know his quarry, very well. You need to know the preferred habitat and appearance of wild hogs and you should be able to trail them. Learn to read hog trails through signs like hog wallows and rooting. Accompanying experienced hunters on trips can give you hands on experience and confidence to go on your own. Knowing the anatomy of your quarry and the ‘kill zone’ of the animal is very important. That way when you shoot it, the animal suffers less and gets a quick silent death. Getting the animal with the first shot is also better for your own safety. That brings us to the next important point, which is choice of gun for hog hunting.

Choose a Gun that Carries Power and Speed

The recommended choice of hunting gear by most wild hog hunters is the Winchester 0.243, which is quite a versatile gun when it comes to hunting or a hand gun like 0.44 Magnum. It goes without saying, that you must practice using the gun, before you go in for the real thing. Your shooting skill will distinguish you, ultimately, as a good hunter. The ammunition should be such that it should have enough stopping power as well as penetrating power. Hollow tip or hard flat tip bullets are the best choices.

To Track a Hog, Hire a Hound!

Hunting dogs make for great trackers, when it comes to hog hunting. The Mountain Cur, Blackmouth, Catahoula, Dogo and Walker are some of the dog breeds that can be excellent tracker hounds, when it comes to hog hunting. Amateur hunters should take help of trained dogs as they make tracking easier. Read more on

Survey Territory and Set the Trap

There are two ways you can hunt a hog. Either go in pursuit of it or let it come to you. The latter is a better option. Survey the hunting area in advance. Look for the nesting areas of the hogs and observe trails. Water holes are places where you can surely find them. Once you find a place that is frequented by them, set up a blind in that area with adequate distance, such that you get, as clean a shot as possible. If you are hunting at night, you’ll need night vision gear and sight for your gun. You can shoot the hog like a sniper from the blind. The blind should be well camouflaged and high above the ground level. Putting in bait for the hog will also increase your chances of getting the quarry. This is one of the most important Feral hog hunting tips.

Hunting is all about patience and alertness. One needs to be ready to take a shot the instance one spots a hog, as they are quick at getting away. Hope these hog hunting tips have given you a rough idea about the whole hunting experience. However, nothing can compete with actual field experience!