Fall Turkey Hunting: How to Find and Hunt Turkeys Successfully

Stay Stealthy

When you’re out turkey hunting in the fall, one thing to keep in mind is that turkeys have excellent eyesight. To successfully hunt them, you need to remain as stealthy as possible. Wear camouflage clothing and stay low to the ground so they can’t spot you easily. You should also take care not to make too much noise when moving around – no loud calls or footsteps!

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

For turkey hunting, a shotgun is usually your best bet. If you’re using a rifle instead, be sure it’s powerful enough for the job and won’t cause needless suffering; .22 caliber weapons are generally sufficient but check your local laws before choosing one. You’ll also want a good scope so that any shot has a greater chance of hitting its target from farther away – and remember some states limit how far away you can shoot when hunting!

Set Up Early

The key to successful turkey hunting is being patient. It takes time for turkeys to move into an area where they feel safe enough for feeding and roosting; therefore it pays off if you set up early in the morning before dawn breaks so that they don’t spot or hear you coming! Once positioned, use calls or decoys if needed and wait quietly for the birds to show themselves; then take your shot quickly while remaining mindful of safety considerations at all times.