Michigan Hunting Season 2021: How Long Is It and What You Need to Know


Michigan is a state located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. It has a diverse landscape with forests, lakes, and rivers that make it an excellent destination for hunting enthusiasts. However, before planning your next hunting trip to Michigan, it’s crucial to understand how long the hunting season lasts.

What Is Hunting Season?

Hunting season refers to the period when hunters are allowed to harvest game animals legally. The dates vary depending on the species you’re targeting and where you plan to hunt in Michigan. In general, most seasons start in September or October and end between January and February.

The Hunting Seasons by Game Animals

The length of each hunting season varies according to the type of game animal you want to hunt. For example:

– Deer: archery season begins on October 1st until November 14th; firearm season runs from November 15th through December 30th.
– Bear: September-first week after Columbus Day (dates may vary)
– Turkey: Spring wild turkey – April through May; Fall turkey – select days during September/October
– Small Game: typically mid-to-late September until March

It’s essential that hunters check with local officials or consult Michigan Department of Natural Resources website for current regulations before making any plans.


In summary, understanding how long hunting seasons last can help hunters plan their trips accordingly. Knowing when various types of game animals are available enhances chances at success while ensuring compliance with wildlife management laws and maintaining healthy populations of various species across this beautiful terrain known as “Pure Michigan.”