How Many Decoys Do You Need for Duck Hunting? A Guide to Setting Up Your Spread


When it comes to duck hunting, one of the most important factors is decoys. These are artificial ducks that hunters use to attract wild ducks while out in the field. However, determining how many decoys you need can be a tricky and confusing process.

The type of duck you’re targeting

The first thing you need to consider when deciding how many decoys you need for your next hunting trip is the type of duck you are after. Different species have different preferences when it comes to flock sizes, so doing some research on your target will help guide this decision.

The size of your hunting location

Another crucial factor in determining how many decoys you should have is the size of your hunting location. If it’s a small pond or marshland area, then fewer decoys may suffice since there’s not much space for the ducks to fly around. But if it’s a larger body of water with more room for movement, then using more decoys could help increase visibility and attract more waterfowl.

Your budget

Of course, purchasing multiple high-quality duck decoy sets can quickly add up in cost. So before investing in additional equipment, think about what kind of budget you have available and whether it makes sense financially to spend money on extra gear.


In conclusion, there isn’t necessarily a hard-and-fast rule as far as how many duck decoys any given hunter needs – since every situation varies depending on individual goals and circumstances. However keeping these few key considerations in mind can definitely steer things in the right direction towards making informed decisions regarding which types and quantities seem like they’d work best based on current conditions!