Camo Gear for Turkey Hunting: How Much is Enough?

Why Camouflage is Important in Turkey Hunting

When turkey hunting, it’s essential to blend in with your surroundings. This means wearing camouflaged clothing that mimics the colors of nature. Turkeys have excellent eyesight and can spot even the smallest movement from a distance. By wearing camouflage, you’ll be able to hide from their sharp eyes and get closer to your target without being detected.

The Right Amount of Camo for Turkey Hunting

While camo is crucial for turkey hunting, you don’t need to go overboard with it. You should wear enough camo to blend in with your surroundings while still maintaining comfort and mobility. A standard outfit would consist of a camouflaged shirt, pants or bibs, gloves, hat or mask – all made specifically for turkey hunting.

Camo Patterns

Selecting the right pattern comes down to where you will be hunting; patterns vary according to region and terrain type (i.e., wooded areas vs. open fields). The most common patterns include Realtree Edge™️, Mossy Oak Obsession®️ or Bottomland®, which are all designed explicitly for blending into natural environments.

Add Some Accessories

Accessories such as face masks/gaiters/neck tubes help reduce glare off exposed skin that might spook birds while also breaking up facial features that could reveal human identity or cause visual noise when turkeys approach too closely.

In conclusion, having the right amount of camouflage is critical when going on a turkey hunt because it allows hunters not only better mobility but also increases their chances of success by remaining undetected until they’re ready for action!