Texas Hog Hunting: How Much Does it Cost and What You Need To Know


Hog hunting has become a popular activity in the state of Texas, with many hunters from all over the country coming to hunt these pesky and destructive animals. But before you embark on your hog hunting trip, it is important to know how much it will cost you.

Hunting License Fees

In Texas, anyone who wants to go hunting must have a valid hunting license. For residents of Texas, a basic hunting license costs $25 while for non-residents it costs $315. Additionally, there are other licenses required if you want to hunt specific game such as deer or turkey.

Guided Hunts Costs

If you are new to hog hunting or do not have your own equipment and transportation, guided hunts may be the best option for you. Guided hunts typically cost anywhere between $200 – $500 per day per person depending on the level of amenities provided by the outfitter.

Lodging and Other Expenses

If you plan on staying overnight during your hog-hunting trip, lodging expenses can vary greatly depending on location and level of comfort desired. Some outfitters offer lodging options within their packages while others leave that up to their clients. Other expenses such as food and beverages should also be taken into consideration when planning your budget.


The total cost of hog-hunting in Texas can vary greatly based on individual circumstances such as whether or not one needs a guide or plans on staying overnight among other factors like location etc.. but overall expect an average price range between $300-$600 depending upon additional services used along with licensing fees which apply universally across every hunter’s expenses regardless what type they choose- guided vs DIYing!