Deer Hunting License Cost in Indiana: What to Expect

The Cost of a Deer Hunting License in Indiana

If you’re planning on hunting deer in the state of Indiana, one thing to consider is the cost of a hunting license. The cost varies depending on whether you are a resident or nonresident hunter.

Resident Hunting License

A resident hunting license in Indiana will cost $17 for adults and $7 for youth hunters (ages 17 and under). This license allows you to hunt deer with either archery equipment or firearms during the specified season and bag limits set by the Department of Natural Resources.

Nonresident Hunting License

For those who do not reside in Indiana, purchasing a nonresident hunting license will be necessary. The fee for this type of license is significantly higher than that for residents, at $80.50 per year.

Additional Fees

In addition to purchasing your basic hunting license, there may be additional fees involved when it comes to deer hunting specifically. For example, if you plan on using archery equipment to hunt deer, an additional archery permit must be purchased at a cost of $7.

It’s also important to note that any person who hunts deer within certain designated areas must purchase an additional special antlerless permit costing between $24-$28 depending upon age groupings.

When budgeting for your upcoming trip out into nature it’s important account all these costs so that no unexpected surprises arise while venturing out!