Minnesota Hunting License 101: How Much Does a Deer Hunting License Cost?


Are you a resident of Minnesota and looking to go deer hunting? One of the initial steps in preparing for your hunt is obtaining a hunting license. In this blog post, we will be discussing how much a deer hunting license costs in Minnesota.

The Costs Involved

In Minnesota, the cost of a deer hunting license varies depending on several factors. For residents over the age of 18, an annual fee is required. The fees differ for different types of hunts such as firearms or archery hunting. On average, a typical resident can expect to pay between $30-$40 for their annual deer hunting license.

For non-residents who are interested in deer hunting in Minnesota, additional fees may apply. Non-resident licenses typically cost more than residents’ licenses due to tax regulations and other factors that come with being an out-of-state hunter.

Licenses By Age Group

It’s essential to know that different age groups get charged differently when it comes to getting licensed for deer hunting in Minnesota. First-time hunters under 18 years old qualify as “Youth Hunters” and are assigned lower rates than adult hunters above 18 years old. Senior citizens aged above 65 years also receive discounted rates on their annual permits.

Making The Purchase Online

Thanks to technological advancements today, purchasing your permit has never been easier! You can now buy your permit online via the official MN Department Of Natural Resources website quickly and easily from anywhere at any time without having to leave your home or workplace.

In conclusion, if you plan on going on a Deer Hunting trip soon within Minesota state boundaries then keep these pointers mentioned above into consideration before making any purchases regarding licensing prices etc.! Happy Hunting!