Texas Hog Hunting License 101: Everything You Need to Know About Cost and Regulations


If you’re an avid hunter or someone who enjoys the great outdoors, then you might be thinking of getting a hog hunting license in Texas. The state is known for its wild pig population and offers some exciting hunting opportunities for both residents and non-residents. However, before you start planning your next hunt, it’s essential to know how much a hog hunting license costs.

Texas Resident Hog Hunting License

For Texas residents looking to hunt hogs within the state borders, a resident hunting license is required. As per the current regulations (2021-2022), a basic resident hunting license costs $25, which allows hunters to pursue any legal game bird or animal during their respective season.

Non-Resident Hog Hunting License

Non-residents can also obtain a hog hunting license in Texas by purchasing an annual non-resident special hunting permit. This special permit will cost $48 and includes all necessary endorsements that allow individuals to legally harvest feral hogs on private property with landowner authorization across the state.

Youth Hunting License

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also issues Youth Hunting Licenses for children under 17 years old at reduced rates ($7). These licenses provide young hunters with access to various game animals as well as feral hogs.

The Bottom Line

In summary, obtaining a hog-hunting license in Texas is easy but comes at different prices depending on several factors such as residency status and age group. Nevertheless, this should not deter anyone from experiencing one of the most thrilling outdoor activities available – wild pig hunts! It’s always important though to remember that safety measures must be observed when pursuing these animals due to their unpredictable nature while out there in the field.