The Cost of Turkey Hunting in Kentucky: What You Need to Know About Licensing


Are you ready to embark on a thrilling turkey hunting adventure in Kentucky? Before packing your gear and heading out, it’s essential to know the cost of getting a Turkey Hunting License. In this blog post, we’ll explore different types of turkey hunting licenses available in Kentucky and their associated costs.

Kentucky Resident Turkey Hunting License

If you’re a resident of Kentucky interested in turkey hunting, then you need to obtain a resident license first. The cost for obtaining an annual resident-only wild turkey permit is $30. However, if you’re willing to hunt only during spring or fall season and not take any birds home with you at the end of your hunt, then purchasing a “no kill” permit will save some money as it only costs $15.

Non-Resident Turkey Hunting License

For non-residents who wish to go on a turkey hunt in Kentucky, there are two options: an annual license or five-day license. Annual permits can be purchased for $140 while five-day permits cost $80 each.

Youth Turkey Hunting License

Kentucky has also introduced special youth permits for hunters aged 12-15 years old. These licenses cost significantly less than regular adult ones ($7) but come with specific restrictions such as requiring supervision by an adult over 18 years old.


Turkey hunting is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling outdoor activities that one can engage in Kentucky. A quick online search reveals that many resources provide comprehensive information about how much various licenses cost – including official websites like KY Department Fish & Wildlife Resources homepage or third-party sites such as Go Outdoors KY! Regardless of whether you’re looking forward to taking down gobbler or just enjoying nature outdoors; having proper licensing ensures safety while respecting wildlife conservation laws making everyone’s experience more enjoyable.