Deer Hunting in Windy Weather: How Much Wind is Too Much?


Deer hunting is a popular outdoor activity that requires patience and skill. One of the factors hunters must consider when planning their hunt is wind speed. While some wind can help mask human scent, too much wind can make it difficult to get close to deer without being detected.

The basics of deer sense of smell

Deer have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to detect even the slightest hint of human scent. According to research, deer can detect smells up to 300 yards away in ideal conditions. Wind speed plays a significant role in how well they can smell since it carries scents farther than still air.

How much wind is too much?

The general consensus among experienced hunters is that any wind over 20 mph makes it difficult for a successful hunt. When winds gust above this level, even seasoned hunters struggle with staying undetected by the game they’re pursuing.

Tips for hunting on windy days

If you find yourself out during high winds and want to give your luck a try:

– Hunt near areas where there are natural barriers like hills or thick trees.
– Hunting during midday hours when thermals (warm air currents) rise from valleys or drainage basins cooling down at night might help you stay concealed.
– Use distractions such as decoys or rattling antlers.

Overall, if the forecast calls for very high winds on your planned hunting day, then it may be best just waiting until another time when conditions are more optimal – no matter how tempting those big bucks may seem!