The Unbelievable True Story of Stan Potts, the 99-Year-Old Deer Hunter

The Man Behind the Legend

When it comes to deer hunting, one name that frequently pops up is Stan Potts. He is a renowned hunter who has dedicated his life to chasing after elusive bucks. But how old is this legendary figure?

Birth and Childhood

Stan Potts was born on May 30, 1953, in West Virginia. Growing up in the mountains gave him ample opportunities to develop a passion for hunting. As early as six years old, he would accompany his father on hunting trips and learned invaluable lessons from him.

Career Highlights

Potts’ career highlights are nothing short of impressive. He became famous not only because of his incredible skills but also because of his TV show called “North American Whitetail” which aired for over two decades.

Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards including being named Outdoor Life’s Deer Hunting Editor and receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from Bass Pro Shops.

Age Today

As of 2021, Stan Potts is 68 years old but still shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to hunting whitetails. He continues to inspire hunters all around the world with his expertise and unwavering dedication towards the sport.

In conclusion, age may just be a number when it comes to Stan Potts as he continuously proves himself time after time as an accomplished hunter and expert outdoorsman regardless of how many birthdays have passed by!