Attract Turkeys for Hunting: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Perfect Turkey Blind


Turkey hunting is a challenging but rewarding sport. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or just starting out, it’s essential to know how to attract turkeys for hunting. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips that will help you lure turkeys and increase your chances of success.

Scout the Area

Before you start attracting turkeys, it’s important to find their habitat. Turkeys prefer open fields and areas with plenty of cover like woods or brushy terrain near water sources. Once you have identified the area where they roam, scout the place for tracks, droppings, feathers or any other signs that indicate their presence.

Use Decoys

One effective way to attract turkeys is by setting up decoys in visible locations within your field of view. The decoys should mimic the behavior and appearance of real-life turkeys as much as possible. Set up different types of decoys such as hen decoys or gobbler decoys depending on what kind of turkey population exists in your area.

Make Use Of Calls

There are two main categories of calls: locator calls and enticing calls which includes turkey yelps, clucks amongst others which can trigger curiosity among male gobblers leading them towards your location during mating season (spring) while locator calls scare off birds in new territories making it easier locating them at dawn through hooting owl sounds.

Locator calls include crow caws or coyote howls sound which disrupts their comfort zones causing them to respond which makes locating them easier since they use these sounds for communication too.

In conclusion…

These three tips detailed above will go a long way towards helping you have more successful turkey hunts than ever before! Remember always ensure safety measures while carrying weapons around wild animals especially during breeding seasons when territorialism takes over the safety of these birds. Happy turkey hunting!