Bow Hunting Turkey: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Preparing for the Hunt

Before even stepping into the woods, it’s important to prepare properly. This means scouting beforehand and knowing where your turkeys are likely to be located during hunting season. You should also ensure that your equipment is in top-notch condition and practice shooting regularly. Lastly, don’t forget about obtaining all necessary permits and licenses.

Choosing Your Hunting Spot

When choosing a hunting spot, look for areas with plenty of natural cover such as trees or bushes where you can hide while waiting for gobblers. Additionally, consider setting up near a water source as turkeys will often come down to drink during the day. Take note of their roosting sites so you can set up closer to them in the morning.

Set Up Your Decoys

Decoys play an essential role in bow hunting turkey because they help attract gobblers towards you while giving you ample time to take a shot at them from behind cover. Use realistic decoys if possible and position them strategically depending on how close or far away from each other they are supposed to be.

The Perfect Shot

Aiming at these birds takes some practice since their vital organs are not situated like other game animals’. Always aim straight at its neck between its head and body when targeting one point-blank range; otherwise, opt for shots aiming directly above this area slightly forward towards both wings together – using broadheads instead of field points ensures maximum penetration.

Closing Thoughts

Bow hunting turkey requires patience, skillful planning with attention paid consistently throughout every step leading up until success achieved – but following these steps allows any hunter interested enough an opportunity worth considering! As always when dealing with wildlife creatures try respecting their habitat ensuring minimal disturbance caused by humans around nesting or sleeping spots alike when going out looking for game bounty this coming season!