How to Bow Hunt Turkey: Strategies for a Successful Hunt


Bow hunting turkey is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that requires a lot of skill and patience. Turkey hunting is a popular sport, but using a bow instead of a gun can make it more challenging and rewarding. In this blog post, we will go through all the necessary steps to successfully hunt turkey with a bow.

Gear Up

The first step to bow hunting turkey is getting proper gear for your outdoor excursion. The basic equipment you need includes camouflage clothing, boots, calls or decoys, arrows, broadheads, and a well-tuned compound bow. Make sure to select the right size arrow shafts and broadheads for turkeys because they have thick feathers that require specialized gear.


Scouting wild turkeys before heading out on your hunt is crucial. Understanding their behavior patterns helps you determine where they are most likely to be found so that you can plan accordingly. Turkeys tend to have roost trees in secluded areas near food sources such as cornfields or forests with nuts or acorns scattered over them.

Setting Up Your Hunting Spot

To increase your chances of success while bow hunting turkey set up your spot properly. You should construct ground blinds close enough where you think this bird might roam around naturally while not being too visible from afar apart from sticking into natural coverages possible like bushes etcetera.

Closing Thoughts

Hunting wild turkeys with bows takes time and effort; however, the payoff is well worth it when you finally get one down with only one shot! Bow hunters must practice often by shooting at targets regularly so they become confident enough in their skills when facing these beautiful creatures in the wilderness. By following these tips outlined above on how to bow hunt turkey effectively – hopefully by using smart tactics- resulting in bringing home some delicious meat!