Confronting the Bell Bearing Hunter: Tips for Victory


Bell bearing hunters can be quite a nuisance when playing Bloodborne. These hunters use a bell that summons other enemies to fight alongside them, making the battle even more challenging. But don’t worry – we have some tips on how to take down these tough opponents.

Use Your Environment

One of the best strategies for fighting bell bearing hunters is to use your environment to your advantage. Look around for objects you can hide behind or obstacles you can use as cover. This will help you avoid attacks from both the hunter and their summoned allies while still allowing you to land hits on them.

Focus on Parrying

Parrying is an essential technique in Bloodborne and it’s especially useful when fighting bell bearing hunters. Try using your firearm just as they’re about to attack – if timed correctly, this will stun them and allow you to land a visceral attack for massive damage.

Bait Out Their Summons

Bell bearing hunters rely heavily on their ability to summon additional enemies during combat. However, if you manage to bait them away from their position, they’ll stop ringing the bell and won’t be able to call reinforcements anymore. Use this opportunity wisely by focusing all of your attacks on the hunter before any new foes arrive.

Stay Aggressive but Patient

Lastly, it’s important not only remain aggressive when engaging with these tough opponents but also stay patient at critical moments such as windows between enemy moves when parrying opportunities arise or dodging incoming waves of attacks while prioritizing landing hits over evading forever until stamina allows more offensive openings again – remember: every moment counts!

In conclusion, Bell Bearing Hunters may seem daunting at first sight; however with some preparation strategy combined with patience & skillful execution towards taking advantage over unguarded weaknesses presented throughout battles against waves upon waves of relentless adversaries, overcoming them can be achieved.