Get Paid to Hunt: How To Turn Wild Hog Hunting Into a Lucrative Side Hustle


Wild hogs have become a nuisance in certain parts of the country, especially in Texas and Florida. They cause damage to crops, property, and wildlife habitats. As a result, many landowners are willing to pay hunters to help control their population. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can get paid for hunting wild hogs.

Contact Landowners

The first step is to contact landowners who have problems with wild hogs. You can do this by networking with local farmers and ranchers or by searching online listings for opportunities. Once you establish a relationship with them, find out if they offer any incentives for controlling hog populations on their property.

Join Hunting Clubs

Another way to get paid for hunting wild hogs is by joining hunting clubs that specialize in hog hunting. These clubs often provide access to private land where hogs are known to roam freely. Some even pay members based on the number of hogs killed during each hunt.

Sell Hog Meat

If you plan on killing several hogs during a hunt, consider selling the meat as an additional source of income. Many restaurants and specialty markets are interested in buying fresh or smoked hog meat from hunters at competitive prices.

Become A Professional Guide

Lastly, consider becoming a professional guide specializing in wild hog hunts if you are passionate about the sport and want it as your career option. This job allows you not only earn an ample amount but also share knowledge about techniques regarding catching them.

In conclusion: Wild hog hunting provides an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts looking to make some extra cash while participating in their passion simultaneously – hunting! With little effort involved such as contacting local landowners or joining certified clubs or selling its meat later after killing it professionally — one can be well off financially through this initiative pretty soon!