Turkey Hunting 101: The Basics of How to Go Turkey Hunting


Turkey hunting is a popular and thrilling activity for many outdoor enthusiasts. It requires skill, patience, and knowledge of the turkey’s behavior. In this post, we will discuss how to go turkey hunting successfully.

Get Your License

Before you start your hunt, it’s essential to obtain a license from your state wildlife agency. Many states require hunters to complete a hunter safety course before purchasing their licenses. Make sure to review your state’s regulations and requirements.

Pick Your Hunting Grounds

Scouting out potential hunting grounds before the season begins is crucial for having a successful hunt. Researching public lands or private properties where turkey populations are known can increase your chances of finding game.

Select Your Gear

Selecting the right gear is crucial when it comes to turkey hunting. A good quality shotgun with an appropriate gauge size is essential for taking down turkeys effectively. Camouflage clothing that matches the surrounding environment should be worn as well as calling devices such as box calls or mouth reeds.

Practice Your Calling Techniques

Mastering various call techniques such as clucks, purrs, yelps and gobbles can attract turkeys towards you while camouflaged in surroundings; however do not overcall which may create suspicion among turkeys- stick with soft calls if they aren’t responding!

In Conclusion:

Going on a Turkey Hunt takes time and planning but provides an exciting experience for those up for the challenge! Remember always take safety precautions seriously – let someone know where you’ll be going while on your trip & have fun exploring different wilderness areas too!