How to Hunt a Boar in Breath of the Wild: Mastering the Art


Breath of the Wild is a game that allows you to explore and experience a beautiful open world full of adventure. One of the many things you can do in this game is hunt various types of animals, including boars. If you’re looking for tips on how to successfully hunt these wild beasts, then this blog post will help guide you.


Boars can be found all throughout Hyrule in many different environments such as forests, grasslands, and mountains. However, they are most commonly found in wooded areas like Faron Woods or near rivers like Hylia Riverbank. When hunting for boars it’s important to consider their surroundings so that you can approach them quietly without spooking them.


The right equipment can make or break your success when hunting boars in Breath of the Wild. You’ll need a bow with arrows (preferably one with higher attack power), some stealth armor for getting close enough without being detected by scent or sound and preferably an upgraded version if possible which lets Link move faster whilst crouching down – especially useful when stalking prey! Additionally, food items like roasted meat will help keep your health up while tracking down these elusive creatures.

Hunting Technique

When approaching a boar cautiously from behind make sure to have your bow at the ready before entering its field of vision range (indicated by sight seen above its head) so as not to startle it too much or else it may bolt away! Once within range aim at its head region which has both higher hitpoints but also decreases accuracy due movement whilst running unlike other body parts such as legs/torso where movement isn’t factored into equation…

Then fire away until KO-ed OR use bombs / stasis+ rune combos if necessary! Don’t forget loot rewards once defeated which include raw prime meat and various other items (including precious gems) making it worth your while to hunt these beasts down.


Hunting boars in Breath of the Wild is a great way to pass time, earn some rewards, and improve your hunting skills. Remember to equip yourself with stealth armor and high powered bow/arrow combos before heading out into the wilds of Hyrule so that you can successfully take down these elusive creatures!