How to Hunt Boar in Breath of the Wild: An Expert Guide

Introduction: Hunting Boar in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure game that has gained immense popularity since its release. The game’s open world and non-linear gameplay make it one of the most enjoyable experiences for gamers worldwide. One key aspect of the game is hunting, which allows players to gather resources such as meat, hides, and horns from various animals. This blog post discusses how to hunt boars in Breath of the Wild.

Locating Boars

Boars are usually found in forests, meadows, and grassy areas throughout Hyrule. They have a distinctive appearance with brown fur and large tusks; they travel individually or in small groups within their habitat. Players should look out for areas where grasses rustle or follow tracks on animal paths.

The Right Weaponry

Hunting boars require specific weapons such as bows and arrows or other ranged weaponry like throwing spears or bombs. Bows are generally preferred because they offer better aiming accuracy than other weapons available in-game.

Once you spot a boar from afar, shoot it with a well-aimed arrow before approaching to collect your bounty safely without any resistance.

Avoiding Dangerous Encounters

Boars may seem harmless creatures but can cause harm if provoked. When approached too quickly or directly attacked by players armed with only melee weapons while charging towards them at high speeds resulting in damage being taken by unsuspecting adventurers who refrain their approach distance.

To avoid this danger, try always going around them first then attack once close enough using long-ranged tools like bows from afar without putting yourself at risk!

In Conclusion:

Hunting boars is an excellent way to earn different resources used throughout Breath of the wild while also learning about these fauna species’ natural habits! Remember to locate boars, arm yourself with the right tools and try to avoid dangerous encounters. Happy Hunting!