How to Hunt Boar in RDR2: Unleashing Your Hunting Skills


Are you tired of hunting the same old animals in Red Dead Redemption 2? Why not take on a new challenge and go after one of the game’s more formidable creatures – the wild boar. Not only will bagging one provide you with valuable resources, but it’ll also add some much-needed excitement to your gameplay. Here are some tips on how to successfully hunt boars in RDR2.

Location Matters

The first step to successfully hunting a wild boar is finding their location. Boars can be found throughout the game world, but they tend to congregate in areas with dense foliage and plenty of cover. These areas include forests and swamps, so keep an eye out for these environments when searching for your prey.

The Right Tools

When going up against a wild boar, it’s important that you have the right weapons at your disposal. The best weapon for taking down a boar is either a bow or rifle with high damage output such as the Springfield Rifle or Rolling Block Rifle equipped with express ammo which allows for quick takedowns without alerting nearby enemies.

Bait ‘Em In

To increase your chances of encountering a wild boar while out roaming around, try using bait! This method can be very effective when properly executed. Simply drop scent lure near an area where you’ve spotted potential targets before and wait patiently until they come sniffing around.


Hunting wild animals like boars adds another level of thrill and adventure into RDR 2 gameplay experience along with providing valuable resources like meat as well as hides if skinned correctly so make sure to follow these tips next time you’re looking for something new to do!