Texas Hunting: How to Track and Hunt Feral Hogs in the Lone Star State


Feral hogs have become a major problem in Texas, causing damage to crops and property. Hunting feral hogs is not only necessary for population control but can also provide an exciting hunting experience. In this blog post, we will go through the basics of how to hunt feral hogs in Texas.

Equipment needed

To hunt feral hogs in Texas, you’ll need some basic equipment such as a rifle or shotgun with appropriate ammunition, night vision scope if hunting at night, camouflaged clothing that matches the terrain where you’re hunting and boots that can handle the rugged terrain of Texas.

Hunting techniques

There are various hunting techniques used when it comes to hunting feral hogs – stand-hunting, still-hunting and stalking. Stand-hunting involves positioning yourself near a food source or waterhole where pigs frequently visit. Still-hunting consists of moving slowly and quietly through pig territory while scanning for signs such as tracks or scat. Stalking is another technique that requires patience by following pigs until you get within range for shooting them down.

Safety measures

Hog hunting requires safety precautions because they are extremely territorial animals that may attack when threatened. Always make sure everyone is aware of their surroundings and keep your distance from any wounded hog. It’s important to carry out proper firearm handling skills before going on a hunt because accidental discharges could be fatal.


Texas has one of the largest populations of feral hogs in the country; hence there are no limits on their harvest unlike other game species like deer or turkey which have bag limits set by state regulations based on population numbers yearly surveys show about 3 million wild boars living across texas making it open season all year round! To sum up- taking these basics into consideration before starting a hog hunting trip can help increase your chances of success and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.