Public Land Hog Hunting: Tips for Bagging Your Limit


Hunting hogs on public land can be a fun and challenging experience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that hunting on these lands requires knowledge of the rules and regulations, as well as taking safety precautions.

Scouting the Area

Before going out for a hunt, scouting the area is crucial. You’ll want to look for signs of hog activity such as rooting in the ground or wallowing areas. Also, take note of any water sources or food plots nearby. This information will help you determine where to set up your stand.

Choosing Your Gear

When choosing gear for hog hunting on public land, it’s essential to remember that some lands may have restrictions regarding certain weapons or ammunition types. Make sure you know what you’re allowed to use before heading out. Some popular options include rifles chambered with .308 Winchester cartridges and shotguns loaded with slugs.

Hunting Techniques

There are several techniques hunters can employ when pursuing wild hogs on public land. One popular method is still-hunting where hunters move slowly through an area looking for signs of game activity while being alert throughout their trek.

Another effective technique is using bait stations or trail cameras placed strategically around hotspots identified during scouting sessions which help in determining when and where hogs are most active.

Safety Tips

Remembering safety tips should always be priority one while hunting hogs on public grounds- wear appropriate clothing PPE; carry sufficient hydration supplies; make noise frequently enough so other hunters do not mistake you for an animal they might target accidentally.

In conclusion, hog hunting comes with its own set of challenges that require adequate preparation before setting out into open fields – from scouting locations beforehand down selecting proper equipment based upon existing law enforcement protocols applicable within each jurisdiction plus adopting safe practices aimed at preventing accidents. With plenty of patience, practice and perseverance, anyone can successfully hunt wild hogs on public land while making the most out of their hunting experience!