Silent Pursuit: Hunting Mountain Lions Without the Aid of Dogs


Hunting mountain lions without the help of dogs may seem like an impossible task, but it is entirely achievable. In fact, hunting with dogs has been banned in several states, making it necessary for hunters to develop alternative methods. Here are some tips on how to hunt mountain lions without dogs.

Spot and Stalk Hunting

Spot and stalk hunting is a highly effective technique for taking down mountain lions without the need for dogs. This involves scouting out potential areas where you think the lions might be hiding and then creeping up on them stealthily until you’re within range of your weapon. Keep in mind that mountain lions have excellent senses so move slow and quietly.

Baiting Techniques

Baiting involves placing food at a strategic location where the big cats are likely to frequent. This will attract them out into the open allowing you to take a clean shot from a safe distance away. However, baiting may not be legal in all states so make sure to check before using this method.

Calls & Decoys

Mountain lion calls or decoys can work wonders when used correctly as they mimic sounds similar from prey animals drawing their attention towards your position which increases your chances of getting a clear shot at them . A simple electronic predator call can produce various prey animal distress cries that are irresistible to these apex predators.


While hunting mountain lions without dogs may require extra effort than previous methods, it’s still possible with proper preparation and knowledge about tracking techniques like spotting stalking , baiting techniques or tools such as calls & decoys.. Taking precautions while exploring unfamiliar territory is essential; always remember – safety first! Hopefully now you feel more confident in heading out into wilds after reading through this article- good luck on your next adventure!