The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Mountain Turkeys: Tips and Tactics


Turkey hunting is a popular outdoor activity for many hunters. Every year, thousands of people go turkey hunting in the mountains to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time with friends and family. However, it takes skill and knowledge to successfully hunt mountain turkeys. In this post, we will share tips on how to hunt mountain turkeys like a pro!


The first step towards successful turkey hunting is scouting the area where you plan to go hunting. This includes identifying areas where turkeys are likely to be found such as feeding grounds or watering holes. You can use binoculars or trail cameras to help you scout these areas effectively.


Using decoys is an effective way of luring in turkeys during your hunt. Always ensure that your decoy setup looks as natural as possible by paying attention to details such as placement of the decoys and positioning them in ways that mimic real-life scenarios.


Calling is another essential aspect of turkey hunting that requires practice and patience. There are various types of calls available depending on what type of sound you want your call to produce – yelps, clucks and purrs are some common ones used when turkey hunting.

Persistence pays off

Finally, remember that persistence pays off when it comes to mountain turkey hunts! It’s easy for beginners especially those without guidance from experienced hunters – so keep trying until you bag yourself a trophy bird!

In conclusion, successful Turkey Hunting entails proper planning through Scouting, Decoy selection & set up techniques while also mastering Calling techniques which need practice & keenness over time but most importantly maintaining Persistence till one bags their desired trophy bird!