How to Hunt Rabbits in RDR2: A Step-by-Step Guide


Rabbits are one of the many animals that players can hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are small targets and can be difficult to spot, but with a few tips and tricks, hunting them can become an enjoyable activity.

Where to find rabbits?

Rabbits can be found all around the map in RDR2. They usually appear in grassy areas or near bushes. Players should keep their eyes open for any movement on the ground as rabbits tend to hop around quickly. The best time to hunt them is during early morning or late afternoon when they are more active.

The right weapon and ammunition

As rabbits are small animals, using a powerful weapon is not necessary; otherwise, it will destroy their skin. A varmint rifle is ideal for hunting rabbits as it causes minimal damage and preserves their pelts. It’s important to use Small Game Arrows instead of regular bullets because it also increases your chances of obtaining perfect rabbit pelts.

Hunting techniques

The easiest way to catch a rabbit is by sneaking up on them while crouched down slowly or after hiding behind some cover like rocks, trees, etc., then shooting them with your varmint rifle at close range using Small Game Arrows pointed directly at its head or neck area. Alternatively, laying down predator baits such as herbivore bait also works well.


In conclusion, hunting rabbits in RDR 2 may seem challenging at first glance but following these simple steps outlined above will make things much easier eventually leading you towards becoming an expert hunter! Remember always keep yourself on guard while out there looking for prey – nature’s creatures have excellent instincts too!