Turkey Hunting in Colorado: The Ultimate Guide to Success


Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the vast prairies. These lands are home to a variety of wildlife, including wild turkeys. Hunting turkey in Colorado can be an exciting and challenging experience. But before you hit the fields, there are some things you should know.

The Best Time to Hunt Turkey in Colorado

The best time to hunt turkey in Colorado is during spring and fall seasons. Spring hunting usually starts from April 7th and runs up until May while fall season begins on later months like October 1st through November 5th or late December depending on where you plan to do your hunting activities.

Where to Hunt Turkey in Colorado

Colorado offers numerous public lands that allow turkey hunting during both spring and fall seasons. Some popular places include San Luis Valley Region, Central Region near Denver City, Sotheastern Plains close to Lamar Town as well as Northwest corner around Craig area which all have their own unique terrain and landscape ideal for a successful hunt.

Tips for a Successful Hunt

When going out into the field make sure that you are properly equipped with everything that you need such as comfortable clothing, boots suitable for hiking & running over rocky areas along with binoculars so it would be easier spotting your targets from afar without startling them too much meanwhile understanding their body language could lead more successfull outcomes; also keep tabs on weather patterns before heading out since unpredictable changes might occur anytime when outdoors especially if planning overnight camping closer proximity towards hunted areas which will help ensure safety measures taken beforehand such as bringing appropriate gear like tents/shelters etc..

In conclusion, hunting turkey in Colorado can be an exhilarating adventure but requires proper knowledge about timing of season based upon regions across state lines along with strategic location scouting & being well-prepared physically/mentally while taking necessary precautions before heading out into the wild. With enough practice and experience, turkey hunting can be a rewarding pursuit that will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.