Spring Hunting 101: How to Hunt Turkey Like a Pro

Preparing for the Hunt

Spring is a great time to hunt turkey, but preparation is key. Start by researching areas where turkey populations are high and obtain any necessary permits. Scout out your hunting area prior to opening day so you can determine where the turkeys are roosting and feeding. Study their behavior patterns, such as what times they tend to move around, so you can plan accordingly.

Choosing Your Gear

Having the right gear is essential for a successful spring turkey hunt. A shotgun with a tight choke should be used for taking down turkeys at close range. Make sure your camouflage clothing blends in well with your surroundings and covers your face and hands completely. Use calls such as box calls or diaphragm calls to mimic hen sounds which will attract male turkeys.

Setting Up Your Blind or Decoy

Once you have located an area where the turkeys are active, set up your blind or decoy approximately 20-30 yards away from their location if possible. Make sure that both yourself and hunting partner (if applicable) remain still while waiting on the birds to approach – even small movements may spook them off.

Taking Aim at Your Target

When it’s time to take aim, remember that accuracy is key when it comes to shooting a turkey in spring season since there isn’t much foliage coverage yet – therefore giving them full visibility of predators like humans! Take deep breaths before pulling the trigger; this will help steady any nerves that might cause shaky hands during aiming shots.

In conclusion, spring season offers plenty of opportunities for hunters who want try their hand at bagging wild turkeys! With proper planning ahead of time coupled accompanied by some patience on behalf all parties involved – hunter & prey alike …you too can have an exciting experience come opening day!