Turkey Hunting in the Rain: How to Stay Dry and Successful


Turkey hunting can be an exhilarating experience, especially in the rain. While some people may choose to stay indoors on a rainy day, turkey hunters know that it is one of the best times to hunt. The challenge of hunting in the rain makes it even more exciting. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when turkey hunting in the rain.


Before heading out for your turkey hunt in the rain, spend some time scouting your area. Look for areas where turkeys might be taking cover from the rain such as under bushes or trees. You should also look for areas with good visibility since turkeys will not be able to hear and see as well because of the noise and visual obstruction caused by rainfall.


Having appropriate gear is essential when hunting turkey in the rain. Always wear waterproof clothing and footwear to protect yourself from getting wet during your hunt. Also, make sure that your equipment is waterproof or at least water-resistant so that it won’t malfunction if exposed to moisture.


Turkeys do not vocalize as frequently during rainy conditions compared to clear days due to reduced hearing ability caused by noise produced by rainfall hitting leaves and branches around them. This means hunters must use calls wisely instead of overcalling which could scare away birds rather than attracting them closer.

The Right Time

Turkey behavior changes significantly during different periods of rains; therefore timing matters a lot while planning a successful turkey hunt on a rainy day.The ideal time for starting early-morning hunts would be just after sunrise when light begins filtering through clouds making turkeys’ visibility clearer before they start looking for shelter again later when weather worsens.Finally, remember always safety first!