Spring Strategies: How to Hunt Turkeys in the Spring Season


Springtime is the perfect season to hunt turkey. The weather is warm, and the trees are blooming with new life. Hunting in this beautiful season can be quite exciting when you have the right tools and tactics at your disposal.

Choose Your Weapon

When it comes to hunting turkey, picking out the right weapon can make all the difference. You will need a shotgun or a bow that’s designed for hunting turkey. Shotguns should be loaded with shotshells of size 4-6 pellets, while bows should have broadheads that are designed specifically for hunting turkeys.

Scout Your Hunting Grounds

Before heading out on your turkey hunt adventure, take some time to scout your chosen hunting area beforehand. This includes looking for areas where wild turkeys usually hang out such as feeding or watering spots or roosting trees since these kinds of locations provide opportunities for ambushes.

Picking Out Decoys

Decoys can make all the difference when it comes to luring in wild turkeys during hunts. It’s essential to choose decoys that resemble real-life turkeys down to their size and coloration.

Master Turkey Calling Techniques

Calling techniques play an integral role in attracting wild turkeys towards you during hunts. There are various types of calls such as clucks, purrs, yelps and gobbles which can help lure them into range so practice different techniques until you find what works best with specific game situations.

In conclusion, spring presents itself as an ideal time for harvesting gobblers; however, success requires proper planning and execution throughout the entire process from selecting weapons through mastering calling techniques used on scouting grounds before heading outdoor adventures! So if you’re gearing up for a successful turkey hunt this springtime follow these tips closely!