Afternoon Ambush: Strategies for Hunting Turkeys in the Afternoon


Hunting turkeys is a thrilling experience, and it requires knowledge of their habits. The time of the day plays an essential role in hunting these birds. Afternoons are one of the best times to hunt turkeys because they tend to be more active during this time. However, certain techniques can make your afternoon turkey hunt successful.

Scout the Area

Scouting the area before your afternoon turkey hunt is crucial if you want to increase your chances of success. Turkeys usually have a specific area where they spend most of their time, especially when feeding or roosting. Look for areas with signs of turkey activities such as feathers or tracks on game trails or around water sources.

Use Decoys

Using decoys is an effective way to lure in turkeys during an afternoon hunt. Place them strategically within your shooting range and move them occasionally to create some movement that will attract nearby gobblers.

Call Them In

Calling is a vital part of any turkey hunting strategy, but it’s even more critical in the afternoons when these birds are less vocal than mornings. Use soft yelps and clucks instead of aggressive calls like cutting sounds that can alert birds from afar.

Blend Into Your Surroundings

Turkeys have excellent eyesight, so blending into your surroundings using camouflaged clothing and face paint will help you disappear into nature while waiting for those gobblers to come close enough for a shot.

In conclusion, hunting turkeys in the afternoon can be productive if done correctly by scouting out key locations beforehand, using decoy strategies effectively and calling softly without spooking away potential targets from far distances while blending perfectly into woodlands with good camouflage clothing options available today!