Turkey Hunting 101: Tips for Finding and Catching Turkeys in the Evening

Why hunt turkeys in the evening?

Hunting turkeys in the morning is a common practice, but hunting them during the evening hours can be just as productive. As dusk approaches, turkeys will often venture out of their hiding places to feed and socialize. Additionally, there may be less competition from other hunters during this time.

Set up near roosting spots

Turkeys tend to roost in trees at night. By setting up near their roosting spot before they settle down for the night, you have a good chance of catching them on their way back from feeding or socializing before bed.

Use decoys and calls

Using decoys and calls can help attract turkeys towards your position. A realistic-looking hen decoy paired with some soft yelps and purrs can lure male birds towards your area looking for potential mates.

Be patient

As with any type of hunting, patience is key when it comes to turkey hunting in the evening. Don’t give up if you don’t see anything right away – remember that turkeys move slowly and are often difficult to spot until they are close by.

Safety first

Remember that safety should always come first when hunting any kind of game animal. Make sure you wear proper camouflage clothing so you blend into your surroundings as much as possible. Use caution while carrying firearms or bows through wooded areas after dark – always make sure you know where other hunters are located before moving around too much.

By following these tips for turkey hunting in the evening, you’ll increase your chances of bagging a bird while enjoying nature at its best!