Fall Turkey Hunting: The Best Strategies for Successful Results


Turkey hunting is an exciting activity that many hunters look forward to. However, hunting turkeys in the fall can be challenging because of their elusive behavior. In this blog post, we will share some tips and tricks on how to successfully hunt turkeys during this season.

Scout Your Hunting Area

The first step in turkey hunting is to scout your hunting area. During the fall season, turkeys tend to move around more frequently than during springtime as they search for food sources. Look for areas with a high concentration of acorns and other nuts since these are favorite foods for wild turkeys. You may also want to take note of nearby water sources as well.

Use the Right Gear

To increase your chances of success when turkey hunting in the fall, you need appropriate gear like a shotgun or bow with sufficient draw weight; camouflaged clothing such as pants, shirt, hat, gloves; boots that blend into surroundings while being comfortable enough for prolonged periods out there waiting patiently!

Call Techniques

Calling plays an important role when it comes to turkey hunting regardless of what season it is! Using specific call techniques is essential in attracting birds within range. It’s best not only using one type of call but vary them depending on circumstances – sometimes soft and subtle calls work better than loud aggressive ones!


Hunting turkeys in autumn offers unique opportunities that differ from springtime hunts due largely because they’re often less vocal and harder dressed by now too! With proper scouting techniques along with appropriate gear and calling methods under our belts though – successful hunts still await those who pursue them diligently enough!