How to Hunt Turkeys in the Rain: The Ultimate Guide


Every hunter loves a sunny day in the woods, but sometimes Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade. However, don’t let bad weather stop you from pursuing your hunting passion. Hunting turkeys in the rain can be just as productive as hunting them on a clear day.

Find Cover

Turkeys love to stay under cover when it rains, so finding a good spot where they feel safe is crucial for success. Look for areas with dense foliage, and avoid open fields and ridges where the birds will exposed themselves to rain. Try to find spots close to water sources such as creeks or rivers since turkey often use these routes during rainy days.

Use Turkey Calls

Turkey calls are essential tools when hunting any time of year, but using them during rainy days can be particularly effective because sound carries further in wet conditions. Turkeys tend to call more frequently during rainy periods since they have trouble communicating through all that noise interference from the drops hitting leaves and branches.

Take Advantage of Weather Conditions

Rainy days have their advantages when it comes turkey hunting: Turkeys earn less active because they spend more time under shelter looking for food than moving around; also due to low visibility caused by fog or mist hunters could move undetected into prime locations before setting up decoys which would attract flocks without alarming them beforehand.


Remember that despite unpredictable weather conditions turkeys will continue their natural behaviors even if it’s raining outside which means you still have opportunities out there waiting for you even on gloomy days. With some patience and preparation, you can increase your chances of bagging a trophy bird while enjoying nature at its best!