Hunt Turkeys Like a Pro: Tips for Successfully Hunting in the Wind

Turkey Hunting Basics: Wind Direction Matters

When it comes to turkey hunting, wind direction plays a vital role. If the wind is blowing towards you, then the birds will quickly sense your presence and flee away. You need to study the wind direction before heading out for turkey hunting. Always try to stay upwind of your target.

Choose a Suitable Hunting Ground

The ideal hunting ground for turkeys is an open area with sparse trees or bushes. In windy conditions, look for sheltered spots where turkeys prefer to rest in between their activities. These spots could be at the base of hills or behind trees that block strong winds.

Use Turkey Calls Effectively

Turkey calls are an essential tool for any hunter trying to lure these intelligent birds closer. When there’s high wind noise, use louder and more aggressive calls than usual so that they can hear them over other noises around them.

Practice Stealthy Movement Techniques

Turkeys have excellent hearing abilities, which means you need to move as quietly as possible when stalking them. Take advantage of natural terrain features such as ditches or ridges when approaching your target silently and avoid stepping on dry leaves or twigs that can make noise.

Pick The Right Gear For Windy Conditions

Finally, choose appropriate gear fit for windy weather conditions during turkey hunting season. Wear clothes made from light fabric materials like polyester blends instead of heavy woolen clothing that makes moving difficult. Use camouflaged jackets and pants designed explicitly for turkey hunters with mesh vents that allow air circulation while keeping you hidden from sight.

In conclusion, successful turkey hunts rely heavily on experience and knowledge about these elusive birds’ habits coupled with natural environmental factors such as weather patterns Understanding how to hunt in different atmospheric conditions like windy days increases your chances of bagging one big bird. By considering all these mentioned steps and practicing regularly, you’ll become a turkey hunting pro in no time.