How to Hunt Turkeys That Won’t Gobble: Pro Tips for Success


Turkey hunting is a challenging and exciting activity that requires patience and skill. However, sometimes it can be frustrating when the gobblers won’t respond to your calls. This guide will provide you with tips on how to hunt turkeys that won’t gobble.

Scout Before You Hunt

One of the most important steps in turkey hunting is scouting before you start hunting. If you know where the turkeys are roosting, feeding, or strutting, you’ll have a better chance of harvesting one even if they’re not responding to your calls. Use binoculars to identify their location and behavior patterns without disturbing them.

Use Soft Calls

If the turkeys aren’t gobbling, it’s best to use soft calls such as clucks, purrs, or yelps instead of loud and aggressive ones like gobbles or cutts. These gentle sounds may pique their curiosity enough for them to investigate further without scaring them away.

Sit Still And Stay Hidden

Turkeys have excellent eyesight; hence staying still and hidden is crucial during turkey hunting. Find a good spot with cover (e.g., bushes) where you can sit comfortably for hours without being seen by the birds approaching from different directions.

Persistence Is Key

Sometimes it takes more than one day or trip out into the field before getting a shot at an elusive bird that isn’t responding well enough; this means persistence is key when trying to hunt these types of birds! Don’t give up hope after just one unsuccessful attempt – keep trying until success comes!

Hunting turkeys that don’t gobble presents hunters with unique challenges but following these tips will help increase your chances of bringing home some nice-sized game! Remember always scout before you hunt so that even if they don’t respond to calls, you still have a chance at harvesting one. Use soft calls instead of loud and aggressive ones, stay hidden in cover, and finally keep persisting even if the first few attempts aren’t successful!