Hunting Turkeys Without Gobbling: How To Bag Your Bird without Making a Sound


Hunting turkeys can be a thrilling and exciting experience for many hunters. However, what happens when the turkeys aren’t gobbling? This can be a frustrating situation, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll have everything you need to continue your hunt successfully.

Scout Out Your Surroundings:

One of the best ways to find those elusive turkeys is to scout out their surroundings. Look for areas where they typically roost or feed during different times of the day. You should also listen out for any sounds that may indicate turkey activity such as scratching in leaves or movement in trees.

Use Decoys:

Sometimes using decoys can help entice non-gobbling turkeys towards your location. Make sure to place decoys in an open area where they are visible from a distance and use realistic looking decoys that mimic natural turkey movements. Using hen decoys during this time may work better as it could attract males who are silently searching for hens.

Call Softly:

When turkeys aren’t gobbling, it’s important not to overcall them which could scare them off completely. Instead, use soft calls such as purring or clucking which can create curiosity among nearby birds without alerting them about your presence.

Persistence Is Key:

Patience and persistence are key when hunting non-gobbling turkeys; sometimes waiting quietly will do the trick! Turkeys tend to travel through areas multiple times throughout the day so make sure you’re patient enough before giving up on one particular spot too easily!

In conclusion, hunting non-gobbling turkeys requires patience and skill but following these tips will give you all the tools needed to increase your chances of success! Remember always practice safety guidelines while hunting especially if utilizing more than one hunter at once. Happy hunting!