Hunting Wild Hogs in Alabama: A Complete Guide to Finding Your Hog


If you’re a fan of hunting and are looking for an exciting challenge, then hunting wild hogs in Alabama might be just the thing for you. These destructive animals can cause serious damage to crops and natural habitats, so it’s important to keep their populations under control. With that said, here are some tips on how to hunt wild hogs in Alabama.

Get your permit

Before starting your hog-hunting adventure, make sure you have the necessary permits. In Alabama, there are several types of hog-hunting permits available depending on where you plan to hunt: private land or public land. You can purchase your permit through the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division website or at any local license retailer.

Select Your Weapon

When it comes to selecting a weapon for hog hunting, many hunters prefer rifles with powerful cartridges. The .30-.06 and .308 Winchester are popular choices because they deliver enough stopping power without being too heavy or cumbersome to handle during long hunts. Shotguns with slugs or high-powered pistols also work well in certain situations where close-range shots may be required. Whatever weapon you choose should feel comfortable in your hands and aid accuracy while taking aim at these fast-moving targets.

Find prime locations

Locating areas where wild hogs frequent is key when planning successful hunts; look out for sandy patches near water sources like creeks as this is often where hogs gather during droughts. Additionally, look out for signs of rooting around forests that could indicate their presence nearby.

Other sites worth checking include fields adjacent woodland edges since they might contain food resources essential for attracting wild pigs quickly from nearby cover areas deep inside woods such as acorns from oak trees

Hunting down Wild Hogs requires skills and persistence but following these tips will help improve chances of success dramatically!