Keep Hunting Dogs Away: Proven Strategies to Protect Your Property


Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can be a nuisance when they roam onto your property uninvited, especially if you’re an avid gardener or have livestock. Hunting dogs, in particular, are trained to track and follow scents across large areas of land. While their natural instincts are invaluable during hunting expeditions, it can cause headaches for homeowners who want to keep their gardens safe from digging and trampling.

Identify the Source

If you notice hunting dogs on your property regularly, try to identify where they’re coming from. Talk to your neighbors and ask if any of them own hunting dogs. If this is the case, kindly explain your situation and request that they keep their pets restrained or away from your property.

Fence Your Property

The most effective way to keep unwanted animals off your property is by fencing it off entirely. If you own an extensive piece of land that would make fencing cost-prohibitive or impractical, consider installing electric fences instead.

Deterrence Methods

There’s a range of deterrence methods available that can help discourage wandering animals from entering onto your private premises. One popular method is using scent repellants such as coyote urine sprays around the perimeter of the yard. Another alternative is installing motion-activated sprinklers equipped with sensors that trigger water release when movement is detected nearby.

Contact Local Authorities

If all else fails and you continue experiencing problems with trespassing hunting dogs on your property despite taking preventative measures mentioned above – contact local authorities such as law enforcement agencies or animal control officers for assistance in resolving issues related to wandering hunting dogs.

In conclusion, while owning a home comes with many benefits like having space to garden and raise livestock- dealing with unwanted visitors like stray pets could dampen those pleasures altogether quickly! It’s essential to take preventative measures mentioned above and explore various deterrence methods before involving local authorities. Hunting dogs are not inherently bad, but we do need to keep them from endangering property or themselves.