Make Money Hog Hunting: Pro Tips and Strategies to Maximize Your Earnings


Hog hunting has become a popular sport in recent years, and if you’re an experienced hunter, it can also be a way to make some extra cash. Feral hogs are considered pests in many areas of the United States and cause millions of dollars worth of damage to crops each year.

Sell the Meat

One way to make money from hog hunting is by selling the meat. Wild boar meat is known for its unique flavor and high protein content. You can sell the meat directly to individuals or restaurants that specialize in wild game cuisine. Make sure that you have all necessary permits before selling any wild game.

Offer Guided Hunts

If you’re an experienced hog hunter, consider offering guided hunts as a service. You can charge hunters for your knowledge and expertise on where to find feral hogs, how best to hunt them, and how to field dress them afterward. Advertising your services through social media or local hunting clubs can help attract customers.

Sell Hog Hunting Equipment

Another option for making money from hog hunting is by selling equipment related to this sport such as night vision scopes or baiting systems. If you’re knowledgeable about what types of gear work best for hog hunting, consider starting an online store specializing in these products.

Become a Pest Control Expert

Feral hogs are not just nuisances but also responsible for crop damage which makes some farmers highly interested pest control options; therefore becoming an expert at trapping & removing feral pigs could be lucrative especially when targeting farms prone with this problem.

In conclusion, there are various ways one can earn income while enjoying their passion toward wildlife conservation via hog-hunting; However always ensure compliance with relevant laws governing every aspect mentioned above so as not run afoul state/federal authorities’ regulations & guidelines on hunting practices.