Run and Gun Turkey Hunting: Techniques and Strategies

Preparation is Key

When it comes to turkey hunting, preparation is key. You have to understand the nature and habits of turkeys before making your move. Scouting the area prior to hunting will help you identify their roosting spots, feeding areas, and travel routes. It’s also important to choose proper camouflage that matches with your surroundings and a good pair of boots for stealthy movement.

The Run and Gun Strategy

The run and gun strategy involves chasing after turkeys on foot instead of waiting patiently in one spot for them to come to you. This method can be exciting but requires quick reflexes since turkeys are known for their agility. When running, keep low as possible while moving in short spurts from one tree or bush cover area to another until you get within range.

Choosing the Right Shotgun and Ammo

In turkey hunting, shotguns with a 12- or 20-gauge barrel are recommended because they provide enough stopping power at close ranges without causing too much damage when hitting the bird’s meaty part. The type of ammunition used should also be considered carefully since different chokes require special types of ammo like lead shots or steel shots.

Picking Your Hunting Gear Carefully

Having essential gear such as binoculars, calls (like gobbler calls), decoys (inflatable ones work great), gloves (to avoid detection by scent), face mask (to avoid detection by sight) can add up during run-and-gun hunts since hunters need mobility over carrying heavy equipment around all day long.

Safety First!

Turkey hunting is an enjoyable sport but always remember safety first! Always make sure that you wear appropriate clothing so that other hunters who may mistake you for game do not accidentally shoot at you; never approach other hunters in search of birds unless you’re sure they’re aware of your presence. And don’t forget to check hunting regulations in your area, including season dates and bag limits. Turkey hunting can be fun but it’s important to take necessary precautions always!