How To Train a Dog to Bird Hunt: The Ultimate Guide


As many dog owners know, some breeds are natural bird hunters. However, even if your pup is not instinctively inclined to hunt birds, it’s still possible to train them. Hunting with your furry friend can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both you and your pet.

Start With Basic Obedience Training

Before training your dog to hunt birds, they need to have a solid foundation of basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” These commands will come in handy when hunting in the field since you’ll be able to control your dog from a distance. Make sure that these behaviors are automatic before moving on.

Introduce Your Dog To Birds

The next step is introducing your dog to birds so they can become familiar with their scent and behavior. Start by using dead or frozen birds for safety reasons until they get the hang of it. Bring out the bird while commanding them through basic obedience steps like sit or stay before throwing the bird for them to retrieve.

Teach Them Tracking Skills

Dogs use their sense of smell more than any other sense which makes tracking skills critical during hunting sessions. You can start teaching tracking by dragging a scented item (such as a rag soaked in quail scent) across various terrains like grass or dirt leading up towards where another item has been hidden; this helps dogs hone their ability at following specific scents.

Praise And Positive Reinforcement Are Key

Finally, always remember that positive reinforcement goes further than punishment when training animals—especially dogs! Praising good behavior reinforces what they’re doing right instead of just punishing bad habits such as chasing after small game that escapes quickly from sight during hunts. By emphasizing positive reinforcements rather than negative ones along with consistent practice time outside together after successful hunts; you can create an enjoyable experience for both of you.


In conclusion, training your dog to hunt birds requires patience, time and effort. It takes a lot of practice and consistency before they can become successful in the field. With positive reinforcement as a key tool in their toolbox along with consistent praise throughout the entire process; it’s possible to train almost any breed of dog into being a reliable bird hunter with enough dedication and hard work!