Evening Pursuit: How to Hunt Turkeys during the Evening Hours


Turkey hunting is an exhilarating and challenging sport that requires patience, skill, and a bit of luck. Most hunters tend to hunt during the early morning hours when turkeys are most active. However, hunting in the evening can be just as productive if done correctly.


To successfully turkey hunt in the evening, scouting is crucial. Knowing where the birds roost at night will give you an advantage when trying to locate them later in the day. Spend some time observing their habits and movements before you decide on your hunting strategy.


Turkeys are vocal creatures and use different sounds to communicate with one another. Using turkey calls such as yelps, clucks or purrs can attract birds towards your location. It’s important not to overcall – turkeys have sharp senses and may become wary if they feel something isn’t right.


Using a blind while turkey hunting provides cover for you to stay hidden from sight while waiting for your quarry. Choose a spot that offers good visibility but still keeps you concealed from view – this will increase your chances of success significantly.

Persistence & Patience

Hunting wild turkeys takes time, patience and persistence – particularly when it comes to evening hunts! You might need several attempts before getting lucky enough for success so don’t get disheartened quickly! Stick with it; keep calling softly while keeping yourself hidden until a bird appears within range!

Turkey hunting during the evening hours requires careful planning and preparation- starting with scouting out potential locations before setting up blinds or using calls can go far towards increasing your odds of success but do remember persistence pays off eventually so never give up even after repeated unsuccessful attempts!