Tune Up Your Turkey Tactics: How to Use a Crow Call for Hunting

Understanding How to Use a Crow Call

Using a crow call is an essential part of successful turkey hunting. It’s important to understand how and when to use it properly in order to increase your chances of success. A crow call can be used both before the hunt begins, as well as during the actual hunt itself.

Using the Crow Call Before Hunting Begins

Before heading out for a day of turkey hunting, you can use a crow call as part of your pre-hunt preparation. Using this type of call helps turkeys become accustomed to hearing birds that they don’t encounter on a regular basis. This will make them more likely to come near your area when you actually begin hunting and may even help lure them closer than they normally would have otherwise been willing to go.

Using the Crow Call During Hunting

Once you’re out in the field, using a crow call while turkey hunting is still very effective at attracting wild turkeys into range or away from areas where other hunters are located or active. Additionally, crows sometimes scavenge after other hunters have taken down their prey so using this type of bird vocalization should also serve as an alert system for nearby flocks that there has been some recent activity in their vicinity – which could lead them right towards you!