Using Deer Urine for Hunting Success: Tips and Tricks

What is deer urine?

Deer urine is the liquid waste that deer expel from their body. It contains a pheromone, which helps them communicate with other deer in the area. Hunters use this scent to lure deer into their hunting location.

How to collect deer urine

You can either collect the deer urine yourself by using a collection bag or purchase it at a local hunting store. If you choose to collect it yourself, you need to find an area where multiple deer usually visit and put a plastic sheet underneath it to catch the urine when they come around.

Where and how to apply deer urine

Once you have collected or purchased your desired amount of deer urine, apply it on nearby trees or shrubs using a spray bottle. Make sure not to get any on your clothing as it will cause alerting smells that could scare off any passing animal. Apply enough of the scent so that nearby animals can pick up its smell and be attracted towards your location.

Tips for successful hunting with deer urine

When applying the scent, make sure not overuse amounts of it in one place as this could also create suspicion among passing animals. Additionally, use different scents for different areas as some may work better than others depending on weather conditions and time of year.
Keep in mind; ensure proper storage of unused portions after every hunt away from sunlight exposure since UV rays break down pheromones found in urines thus rendering them less effective over time.

With these tips in mind, incorporating natural male/female deers’ scents responsibly into your next hunt should help attract wildlife creatures within range while avoiding detection through sight or sound alone!